Written by: Grant Vanderwagen
Published on: 08 January 018

For all of our wine enthusiasts, and people interested in getting into the wine market in South Africa. We thought we would share with you these great insights in what can and can’t be on those beautiful wine labels. Please do remember that these guidelines are for wine that is sold locally in South Africa. Wine that is exported to different countries should comply with that countries guidelines.

A few things that are required on your wine labels are things like alcohol content, a health warning, the volume declaration and a few other important factors that you should know.

There’s a good number things that can’t be added to your wine labels and these are; Creating a misleading impression, the name of a generally known viticultural area, things that are inaccurate or untrue are prohibited.

There are a number of conditional items that may or may not be allowed on your wine labels and these can be found in the link below.

Now that you have got the basics of what can and can’t be on your wine labels. Find all the details by heading to the link below that was supplied to us by our friends at SAWIS.


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