Written by: Grant Vanderwagen
Published on: 09 January 2018

There’s a huge difference when it comes to getting your labels printed digitally compared to flexographic printing. But we will let you know what that is in another article that will soon be published. We thought we would share with you the important factor that is, flexographic is not an overnight process.

The simple fact is that when you need to print labels and it’s a large quantity of labels. Your best option would be to get them printed with a flexographic machine as the cost will be a great deal cheaper.

Now some individuals think that when it comes to flexographic printing that when they put their order in today they think they will receive the labels tomorrow.. That simply doesn’t work when it comes to flexo, Why you ask?

Flexographic printing companies heavily rely on suppliers when it comes to each and every job that gets put into the production line. The reason for this is because each job requires tooling and most of this tooling gets ordered from suppliers which can take a good few days.

Let’s back it up a bit. Before the job can even go into production a few key elements need to be in place to make sure the labels get printed correctly. When you place an order at a company like Limitless Labels, we have to make sure the artwork for your labels are 100% correct, we have to make sure we have the correct paper stock, we have to make sure we order all the right tooling so that the job can be successful.

Once all the necessary steps have been taken only then can we add the print job to the production queue. That being said, even if the job gets to the production queue, there could be issues with the supply side that has the potential to push your labels further forward which will end up making your labels late and not delivered on time.

Now that you understand a bit about how much we rely on our suppliers. The next thing is to understand that you are not the only person that has placed an order for labels. We call it LEAD TIMES, this is the time that it will take to get your labels delivered factoring in the production line and how many print jobs are lined up. It’s pretty crazy to say that the average lead time in South Africa is 14 - 21 working days that you would need to wait for your labels…

Now that you understand the process of printing large quantities of labels and the amount of time and effort that goes into each and every job. Next time you're taking a look at the rack of wine in the store, do yourself a favor and look at the label, feel and touch it so you can experience the pure quality and workmanship that it goes through to get on that shelf.

Lastly, I personally hope that this article helps you understand more about printing labels around the world.

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