Written by: Grant Vanderwagen
Published on: 13 September 2017

If there is one thing about wines you must know, it is that when it comes to the label it’s the quality that matters. Why do I say this? What’s the first thing you look at when you see a selection of wine? The label. The label has all the details, from the year, to the blend, to all the nitty gritty things that one needs to know about the wine.

One thing I have noticed when it comes to wine labels is that the customers always look for quality. If your quality is not up to industry standard then I’m sorry to say this but you will not get the job. It’s as simple as that. If you’re printing wine labels you better be confident enough that you can print the best when a client has a special request. There’s not much worse than saying you can print a label that a customer has requested and once the customer receives the label it comes out nothing like the original concept. That right there is a recipe for disaster.

How does one make sure the label comes out just as the client wants it? The simple answer to this is to make sure that your client is at your factory for a customer pass on the day of printing. Try not making the mistake of letting your customer allow you to sign off the label on print day as their perspective may be completely different to yours.

Producing the finest quality labels is just like an art-form, in order to get it 100% perfect and satisfy your customer, it needs to be done by professionals that know what they are doing what is capable on the machine they are running. This is crucial to the success of your printing business.

A great learning curve when printing wine labels is that you get the opportunity to learn all about the different materials and effects that can be added to a wine label. From textured varnishes, screens, embossing and foiling. All of these are just the basic fundamentals when it comes to wine labels. Let’s not forget about all the tooling involved as this is a very important part of printing the perfect labels.

All I have for you is this. Are you wine labels top quality? Is your supplier selling you broken promises when it comes to the quality of your labels? If you think your quality can be more appealing then make sure you contact Limitless Labels for a quote.

Or feel free to email me directly so I can help you get the best deal.

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